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  1. Evil Edna

From the recording Road Trips & Nose Dives

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Yes, this is the same song that appeared on our first album. We wanted to re-record it because we felt the first time through we didn't do enough justice to the song. In our original recording my voice pops all over the place due to a show the night before. I mean I was straining hard to sing that one. About the only vocal part I like about it are the screams. By the time we got to recording the second album we had a different sound. Gone was John Greenwood's bass stylings & in were Barry Branham's. With Joe no longer in the band I was left as the sole guitar player & my style of playing was way different than Joe's. We figured since this song was in every set list we should re-record with the updated band sound. This version, in my opinion, has a much better vocal performance & represents what the band sounded like at that point in time.

One other cool thing about this song was I got to actually correspond with Mr. Seger's sax player Alto Reed, someone I've admired all my life! When bands are going to put a cover song on an album & sell it it has to be cleared by an agency. The agency sees to it the original songwriter(s) get any proper royalties owed to them should the song make any money (ours didn't). Most songs are handled by the Harry Fox Agency but this particular one was not. This meant we had to contact Mr. Seger's folks directly. We weren't sure how to do that so in my research I came across Alto Reed's personal web page. Somewhere within that website was a link that something like "email Alto by clicking here." I was skeptical but wrote up a very kind, professional email & sent it on its way. In the opening I stated "I'm not sure if this is actually going to Mr. Cartmell (Alto's legit last name) but if it is..." I went on explaining that we wanted to cover the song & could we somehow get in touch with Mr. Seger's legal team so we can get it squared away. About a week later I got a response from the man himself! Alto responded with a phone number to call & wished us luck with the song. I still have the email saved in my inbox.