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To say Dan McCoy has a wide musical palette might be an understatement. It's not often you walk into a bar where a guy is playing an acoustic version of Little Red Corvette then follows it up with Ring of Fire. If such an incident were to happen most likely you would be witnessing the extravaganza that is a live Dan McCoy show. Not one for taking breaks thus losing the energy of the room McCoy is known for his marathon 3 hour plus shows. In that span he dishes out crowd favorite sing alongs by Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Chesney & Neil Diamond as well as songs by personal heroes Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Will Hoge, Phil Vassar & many more. The spectrum is wide at a McCoy solo show where at any given turn you may hear country, blues, folk, Irish, rock (classic & modern), pop, alternative, punk & more all done with passion & conviction. Add in harmonica, a stomp box, humor & easy going charm & you've got a night of great fun! 

McCoy has been playing music since the age of 10 landing his first paid gig a month before his 15th birthday. In that time he has acquired an impressive catalog of cover songs. No two nights are ever the same as he usually has no set list & caters to the crowd. He passes around an 8 page song list for patrons to choose from but the well is much deeper & he will take requests should he know the song. Whether he's playing to a mere few people in a local tavern or hundreds at a corporate event McCoy delivers the same high standard performance no matter the size of his audience. 

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