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  1. Shh!

From the recording Road Trips & Nose Dives

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This song is often referred to as the "Oh Oh" song. Joe (Seles) brought this tune to the band after one of many disagreements with his girlfriend at the time. At first we were kind of put off by the song only because around that time Green Day's album Dookie was gaining a lot of attention & we felt this song resembled their track When I Come Around a little too much. We were trying to be original damnit & didn't want to be seen as a band that was writing watered down versions of popular songs. Looking back now the resemblence is less clear. We all liked the song though & figured what the hell, we might as well play it since we didn't have many original songs in our canon anyway. We worked up a pretty cool version in the basement of 100 The Boulevard (Seriously, the name of the street was The) which was not only our practice space but where Ned lived. There was another band we were really digging at that time by the name of Black Train Jack. They did a cool, amped up version of Steve Miller's The Joker so we kind of "borrowed" their licks & added them to this song. Shh! was a staple in BLOCK's set & was always a crowd & band favorite. I played it in my solo sets for a long time & every once in a while it still finds its way into a set now. In the spring of '95 the band moved to Cleveland minus Joe who stayed in Pittsburgh to finish up college. He gave us our blessing to continue to use the song & eventually record it. Through the years folks have asked where the title came from & here's the story on that...The day Joe brought the song in he played it for us & when he concluded the demo we asked him the name of the song. He said he didn't have one for it yet. I suggested that since the woman the song was about had the initials S & H to start her first name and he wanted her to be quiet why not name the song "Shh!" Everyone found that title amusing so it stuck.