1. Cold Feet

From the recording Snapshots


Home from work & stretched out on the floor
Same routine as the days before
Her mind can't scream to shout
Weighted down by all her doubts
Is this a test she feels she can't beat
Or a classic case of cold feet
Everything seems perfect out in front
Free to roam but still too scared to run
Staying here could be a mistake
But Could be the same the other way
Ain't no way to win or to lose
Easiest choice is not to choose
Back window daydreams bring a smile
Those good thoughts last for just awhile
She's got everything she could ever dream
Somethin' 'bout that in between
Makes her think there's somethin' she forgot
But a second guess might tell her maybe not
Hours get measured by degrees
Burning up with cold feet
She’s got---nothin’ bad to say
About her man & his ways
Gives his love without a doubt
He's not one to scream or shout
Plays it cool with each passing day
cause that’s the only game he knows to play
Bottle of wine nothin' fancy just store bought
It's a hard line to organize these thoughts
She can drive on around the bend
And be lost for hours on end
Out there searching for proof
And an untamed line to the truth
Her wedding day is still 4 months away
Will she follow through or will she stray
Feelings have no rules
Time turns loyal folks to fools
That slice in the ice box sure would taste sweet
But can she stand up on cold feet
The answer is blowing through the trees
Will she be bruised & scarred
Or in too deep