1. Dance With You

From the recording Snapshots


I want to see you dancing all around
With a smile on your face
I want to hear you laughing in your sleep
The sound fills the empty space
I want to greet you with a morning smile
A gentle kiss on your lips
To look into those blues eyes
That could launch a thousand ships.
When you kiss me goodnight
Or say goodbye
I'm never sure how to pass the time
But when were alone I know what to do
And girl I want to dance with you
I want to dance with you
With your cheek touching mine
Arms around your waist
With our hearts in time
I want to dance with you

I Love you when you're dressed up to the nines
Or in a ball cap & jeans
When your eyes light up & look my way
I wish you knew how much that means
When you're stressed out & need a break
I want to be your way out
When you need a shoulder for your head
Come to me with no doubts
One minutes like a thousand years
Everytime were away
I've been swimming through a lifetime of tears
But no more disarray
Step by step through the flow
Take turns leading as we go
Step by step in time
Two in rhythm with one life