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Promo Video (Quickie) For New Album 

I threw a quick little promo video together for the new album & it includes samples of a few rough mixes. Check it out below!






Boston Recording Update 

I finally got to Boston this past weekend to get the bulk of the new recordings done! It was a great trip & I got to work with some highly talented folks at Plaid Dog Recording. A couple more things need to be recorded then we mix everything down. It's been a LONG journey but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 


The Debut of "Silver Flowers" 

The Standing 8s & I will be throwing our hat into the "Tribute" arena with the debut of Silver Flowers this Friday, July 1, 2022 at Red Hawk Grille in Concord, OH. Silver Flowers is a combination tribute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers as well as Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (The name is derived from Seger's band & Petty's Wallflowers album). The idea hit me a while back when I was trying to decide in which direction to take the 8s on a local level. We did 2 nights of Seger's Live Bullet album in it's entirety with great success & the trio did a night of Petty with equal success. I noticed the absence of a Seger tribute band in the Cleveland area & thought that may be a cool thing to do once in a while. Being BS&SBB are one of my all time faves & we pulled off "...Bullet" already, why not do a tribute on occasion. The other part of the decision to do this was spurred by the seemingly endless Petty covers we toss around at rehearsals. One person will start a song & the rest fall in line. TP&TH area also one of my all time faves and although there is already a prominent tribute to them in the Cleveland area I thought adding our own would be fun. The Silver Flowers set will have songs bouncing between each artist; Seger then Petty, Seger then Petty, etc. It's going to be a fun display & tribute to 2 American music icons so come on out if you can!


Boston Recording Dates Confirmed 

After many setbacks, postponements, etc., dates have finally been set for me to head to Plaid Dog Recording in Boston to put my parts down for the new EP. I'll be out yonder July 29-Aug.1. Happy to keep this project moving along. :)

Headed Back to Pittsburgh! 

I'll be playing Caesar's Alehouse in Pittsburgh on Saturday, May 21 from 4pm-4:30pm as part of the Millvale Music Festival. If you'll be in the area stop by & say hi.


New Dates for 2022 & Recording Update 

New dates for 2022 are now up on the "Shows" page. I'll be adding more as the bookings continue. There are some 8s gigs, a Rambler gig as well as solo & trio shows lined up throughout the year. 


Pre-Production for the new album was completed a few weeks back. Initial recording starts on Feb. 4. with the bass & drum tracks being laid down in Boston while I will do some remote recording from my place. More updates will follow as the sessions mover ahead. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday season & 2022 is a great one for all of y'all!


Dan & 2/8s Play Petty 

Our monthly residency at Spirits in Willoughby will be extra special in November. On the 12th we'll be doing a whole night of Tom Petty songs! We'll be throwing down tons of hits, forgotten gems & deep cuts. Should be a blast! Get there early to claim your spot as seating will be limited.

Illustration by Kim Kennedy. 

New Album/EP Crowdfunding Campaign Begins! 

Today is launch day for a crowdfunding campaign for my new album. The plan is to get to Plaid Dog Studio in Boston to record a new 4 song EP. To cover the cost of everything I'm asking for help from my friends, family & #dansfans everywhere. I have a bunch of cool perks available including a custom t-shirt, deluxe CD version, personal video performances, etc. Click on the photo below & follow the link to check out the demo version of the new single, Change of Venue, as well as the promo video for the project. Thank you in advance! Cheers!