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Tonight, September 13, 2016, I am going back into the studio to resume recording on an album we started a few years back. The title of the album is Snapshots & although there is no time table set for release I am hoping to finish recording it by the end of the year. I'm very excited about finally getting this album & these songs out. I'm assembling a nice cast of characters for this album & although it will be released under my name the Standing 8s will be on most of the tracks. 

In addition to this album I am about 80% finished writing a separate album entitled Every Crowded Street. That album is a loose concept album based around what/who I see at my shows. The album follows an over confident character on his journey through a night on the town. It's deeper than that but will still be a fun record. I'm not sure when we'll start recording that but my hope is spring 2017. 

If that weren't enough (& I'm sure it is), I'm also putting together a live album. This one will be pretty cool as it will consist of Rambler, 8s & even Block songs but the arrangements are a bit different & it's just me on acoustic, harmonica, stompbox & vocals. No band, no overdubs, one take, rough & tumble. Again, not sure of a release date but hopefully that will be ready to go around January if not before. 

That's the scoop! Be on the lookout for videos of the recording process & updates as I move along with everything. 

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