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  1. Carry Me Along

This song was a collaboration with my buddy Dave Hummel from the band (at the time) Crayon Death. Dave was instrumental in giving this song life as he wrote the chorus when I couldn't come up with anything. I think Ned had the main guitar part, then I added a little to it & put lyrics to the verses but couldn't come up with anything catchy enough for the chorus. I let Dave here the song & he came up with the chorus lyrics in like an hour or something. With the Bob Dylan & Greyhound bus references everyone assumed it was me that wrote those lines (I didn't own a car in college & to get from Pittsburgh to Willoughby I had to bus it) but that was just Dave getting inside my head as a character in this song. I personally feel he did an incredible job & saved a really good song from not getting made.

Also, I'm very aware the guitar is out of tune. I was playing a Strat that had a floating tremolo system & the damn thing wouldn't stay in tune. We jammed a pen cap under the bridge to stablize it a bit & got it as close to being in tune as possible.