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  1. Livin' In Doubt

The song that started it all. This is the second song I ever wrote (I was 18 years old). I originally recorded what essentially ended up being a demo on a friend's 4-track the summer after my senior year of high school. I took my little cassette version to college in Pittsburgh & saw the Music/Video dept. was taking submissions for a school bands only compilation so I submitted this song with absolutely no expectations. It eventually was picked to be on the comp. & I went into a real recording studio for the first time. It was a mind blowing experience. The experience of recording is a whole different story for another time but this song is the one that started me on my path to songwriting, recording & performing as a legitimate deal. After 2 different attempts (& many, many sessions) to record this song we ended up giving it a third shot & this is the result.